Ordering a Deluxe Farm, Step by Step

New to LT.Digital? New to FARMs? No problem! Slide through and learn how easy it is to order a Deluxe FARM with us! Below is a breakdown of each step to place an order on our website.

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Step 1: First let’s talk about what a Deluxe FARM is. This type of FARM is geared for a more complex search with more than 5 criteria to narrow your search. These searches also cover more counties and are pulled from a more complex system. Because of this the price will vary depending on how many records your FARM ends up being. The base price for a Deluxe FARM is $20.

Step 2: Now that we know what a Deluxe FARM is, let’s start your order! The first thing you will do, is fill out a form with all the details of your FARM requirements. There are 6 required fields to start your order form. These details pertain to you and will link with your contact details in our system. The last required field is choosing a “Geographic Area”. This lets us know how you want to start your search.

Step 3: Next you will select the additional criteria you would like included in your FARM search. Choose as many as criteria as you like to narrow down your search to the exact audience you are focusing on. Don’t see a criterion you’d like? Add it in to the “Additional Information” section, chances are we can narrow your search with it.

Step 4: Last items you will choose is how you would like to receive your list. A standard order includes a digital Xcel spreadsheet. All other digital outputs are free but must be checked in order to receive. Our printed outputs incur a $13 cost for physical labels.

Step 5: Now that you’ve finished filling in all the necessary information, you can click “Submit”! This automatically sends your form to LT.Digital.

Step 6: Your order is placed! Next, one of our marketing professionals will reach out to you with a count of your Deluxe FARM within 2-3 days. Once you get a count you will work with our team member to get the exact FARMing list you are hoping for! Payment will be taken care of with our team member after you have approved your list. Now let’s get ordering!

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