Instagram Engagement

Did you know that 43% of home buyers are aged 23-41? And, did you know that 47.5% of active Instagram users are within the same age group?

Research shows that this age group will likely research your Instagram page before reaching out about your real estate services. This is just one reason it’s critical to create an engaging Instagram page.

Don’t let the feature-rich Instagram platform intimidate you. Not only is it easy to learn, but it offers tools that allow you to easily customize your content, as well as optimize your marketing and promotion.

The first step in creating an engaging Instagram page is to have content that is tailored specifically to your followers. The good news is that Instagram Insights makes this information easy to obtain once you create a professional account. The Insights tab will deliver the location, age range, and gender statistics of your followers. All of this information should be used strategically when creating content.

Instagram uses an algorithm based on interactions (likes, comments, shares, saves), time spent on the posts, and profile taps to rank your posts on your followers’ feeds. In order to have a more successful marketing campaign, you have to increase all of those factors.

Now that you understand the back-end (data) factors to increase engagement, here are some tips on how to improve the actual content your followers will see.

Short videos (reels) are very effective at engaging your followers. Given the short attention spans people typically have when viewing social media, reels should be relevant, fast paced and fun to encourage people to watch your content. To prevent your post from being just another swipe, ask yourself the following:

  • What is my competition doing that seems to work well for them?
  • How can I make my video unique to my personal brand?

Instagram Stories are another engaging way to interact with your followers. Stories features stickers that are interactive with the most effective stickers being polls and questions. Instagram Stories stickers encourage viewers to participate without being overly aggressive. The more your followers participate, the more likely your Instagram page gets featured on your followers’ feed.

In a nutshell, Instagram can benefit you and your business. When creating content, remember who your audience is, who you’re trying to attract new business from, and what it takes to get their attention.

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