Post Timing

The timing of posts is critical to the success of your social media campaign. Every Instagram page has different followers, demographics, and niches. In order to maximize your success, you must find what days and times are the best for your specific following. Here is an example of how a business used post-timing to optimize their growth.

Let’s say Angela posts on social media for her bakery. She posts whenever she bakes something that is unique. She created 3 posts in one week: Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday.

She noticed that on Friday she got the most engagement. She did some further experimenting and posted every day at 6PM to see which days had the most engagement. After the experiment, she noticed that Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays are the best days to post. Angela took that information, and over the next couple weeks only posted on those days and times.

Angela’s social media page for her bakery is now booming. Her use of specific post-timing has paid off.

You might be thinking that it is very time consuming and difficult to figure out what time is ideal to post on your real estate page. But don’t worry, social media sites like Instagram and Facebook track your followers’ engagement patterns automatically once you post– as long as you have a business page.

But you may be asking why post-timing matters?

To answer that question, you must understand your goals within social media marketing. One of the main goals of most businesses is to have their content reach a larger audience, because a larger audience allows greater opportunity for more engagement. Engagement is an indicator of how well your social media campaign is doing. There are specific times and days where you can maximize the reach and engagement of each post.

Now that you know why post-timing matters, here are some tips on posting at optimal times:

  • If you do not have data to make decisions, use logical guesstimates on when you think your followers are most active.
    • Post during lunch breaks, or in the mornings and evenings during typical commute times.
    • Think about the location of your followers, and post at times optimal for their time zones.
  • Experiment with different times and days like Angela and her bakery.
  • Use a post schedule so you can plan ahead.
  • Once you figure out optimal times, stay consistent.
  • The social media algorithm will recognize these patterns and rank your posts higher on your follower’s feeds at those peak engagement times.

Understand that every social media page is unique, and there is not one specific time and day that is suitable for everybody. Post-timing is critical for social media growth, so it is important to remember to experiment, use social media’s resources, and adapt to the changing environment to figure out which times and days are the best for your specific page.

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