Marketing and Geo-Targeting

Make your marketing smarter, not harder with geo-targeting. Geo-targeting allows you to deliver tailored content to specific audiences, helping you generate better-quality leads and develop connections within a community. Get started with geo-targeting by:

Optimizing Local SEO: Claim and optimize your Google Business profile to appear in local search results and on google maps, incorporate local keywords into your website content, blog posts, and property listings, and ensure your name, address, and phone number are consistent across all online directories.

Utilizing Online Advertising Platforms: Create location-specific ad campaigns that target users searching for real estate-related keywords.

Aligning Your Content with Local Interests: Focus your content on community events and local trends that will resonate with your specific audience and that are relevant to where they live.

Targeting on Social Media: Share posts on social media platforms that are tagged with specific locations or neighborhoods, and join and participate in local community groups and pages to engage with potential clients in your area.

Always Include a Clear Call to Action: Direct your audience to take further steps, such as visiting your website, signing up for a newsletter, contacting you, RSVPing to an event, or inviting them to follow you on other social media sites.

Geo-targeting serves as a way to cultivate relationships, maintain a strong presence, and helps you stay top of mind in your community! Be sure to check out our products on for social media posts

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