Team Introduction

Welcome to the new blog! We wanted to kick off by introducing our team and giving you a qick snapshot of the things we all work on. Each person on our team has their own individual sets of tasks and projects, as well as some that overlap (such as client orders). Everything we do, we hope that it supports you and helps you grow your business.

Isabelle Sipperly

Isabelle “Izzy” Sipperly is the Marketing Manager of Projects she works on include: Manages team, corporate marketing and design, client orders (postcards and social media), helps manage CRM used by marketing and sales teams, team systems operations, e-commerce functionality, and anything else that hits her desk! And of course, she supports everyone on the marketing team with various questions and inquiries!

Jamie Kuczwara

Jamie Kuczwara is the Lead Designer of Projects she works on include: Custom designs for clients, creation of new client templates for LT.Digital, client orders (postcards, flyers, social media, brochures), creation of the monthly cards (referral & market updates), and sales support design orders.

Amanda Watts

Amanda Watts is the Data Specialist for Projects she works on include: Stats requests, client orders (basic and deluxe FARMs, stats), corporate data compilations, internal shipping reconciliation, and email marketing.

Lindsey Nordby

Lindsey Nordby is the Marketing Coordinator for Projects she works on include: Statewide sales team support, CE classes administration and marketing, client orders (referral marketing and market update postcards and social media, basic FARMs), email marketing, and the blog and monthly marketing messages.

Rene Wyndham

Rene Wyndham is the NoCo Marketing Coordinator for Projects she works on include: Homebooks, client orders (Basic FARMs), support projects, and is the Northern Colorado specialist.

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