Ordering a Basic Farm, Step by Step

New to LT.Digital? New to FARMs? No problem! Here you can learn how easy it is to order a FARM with us! Below is a breakdown of each step to place an order on our website.

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Step 1: First let’s talk about what a Basic FARM is. This type of FARM is geared for the simple search with only a few criteria (Property Type, Owner Occupied, etc.) as boundaries. These searches are also restricted to 12 counties (highlighted in blue). If you’re searching for other counties or more detailed criteria (Loan Details, Demographics, etc.) then you would want to order a Deluxe Farm. (How to Order a Deluxe Farm – Coming Soon!)

Step 2: Now that we know what a Basic FARM is, let’s start your order! The first thing you will do, is fill out a form with all the details of your FARM requirements. You will simply click the “Required: Customize Your Order” link and fill in the information of which criteria you’d like to pull a list based on. Once you have filled the form out completely, you can hit “Submit” and the form will instantly be stored with your order.

Step 3: Next up is putting your order in your cart! If you are looking to get printed labels along with your FARM list, please be sure to check the box next to “Include Printed Labels” BEFORE you go to your cart. Once you have those items complete, click the “Add to Order” button.

Step 4: Once you have added your order to your cart, you will simply click on the cart icon in the upper right corner of your screen or click “View Cart”.

Step 5: Now that you’re in your cart, you have the option to pay for a RUSH order. RUSH orders will receive a count within 24 hours of placing your order and be processed as quickly as possible. Once you have selected RUSH (or not), you may click the “Proceed to Checkout” link. This will take you to the final page to input your credit card information and pay for your order.

Step 6: Your order is placed! Next, one of our marketing professionals will reach out to you with a count of your Basic FARM within 3 days. Once you get a count you will work with our team member to get the exact FARMing list you are hoping for! Now let’s get ordering!

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