Digital Focus

As we discussed recently, there are a lot of benefits to geo targeting, or location based marketing, through social media. 

Think about it this way, we all use “near me” searches on a regular basis, right? So, by adding your location to your posts on social media, you’re going to increase your visibility and likelihood of being discovered by potential buyers. Now, if you’re adding in your location as well as including some specific hashtags, your chances for visibility just increased that much more.

You might be asking: why? or, how? Hashtags and locations are both searchable, actionable items you can add to your posts. For example, go to Instagram and search #CherryCreekRealEstate. You will find every post that’s ever been “tagged” with that hashtag. If you’re creating great content with that hashtag and getting a lot of interaction with it, your post is going to keep moving toward the top of that list. The more relevant it is, the more popular it will become.

Be a resource. You want to be the first person people think of when they are considering changes in a specific community. If you can tailor your content to start providing the needed info to your followers, they will start trusting that you’re the person to be able to help them when it’s time to buy or sell. 

By doing these things, you can continue to build lasting relationships within your community and sphere. By focusing on location and hashtag use, you can narrow your efforts, allowing you to develop deeper relationships with the individuals you want to impact.

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