Ordering a Postcard & a Basic Farm Together, Step by Step

New to LT.Digital? New to Direct Mail? New to FARMs? No problem! Slide through and learn how easy it is to order a postcard and a mailing list with us! Below is a breakdown of each step to place an order on our website. ⁠

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Step 1: Choose any of our postcard templates to get started. In the main menu under “Products” our many postcard templates are located on the left-hand side.⁠

Step 2: Select the “I need a list pulled” option for your mailing list. *Note: There is a minimum quantity of 50 postcards, once we have created your new FARM we can charge on the backside for any additional addresses if needed OR if you know how many you’d like pulled in the FARM, feel free to update the quantity with that number. (For the full step-by-step instructions on ordering a postcard, see our previous post!)⁠

Step 3: Add your postcard order to your cart by simply clicking the “Add to Order” button.⁠

Step 4: Use the main menu at the top to hover over “Products” and choose “Basic FARM” under Address List. You may also use this process to choose a Deluxe FARM if you know that is what you need. *Note: Your postcard order is waiting in your cart which is shown in the top right corner. ⁠

Step 5: Place your FARM order and add it to your cart by simply clicking the “Add to Order” button. (For the full step-by-step instructions on ordering a Basic FARM, see our previous post!)⁠
Step 6: Once you have added your orders to your cart, you will click on the cart icon in the upper right corner of your screen or click “View Cart”. ⁠

Step 7: Now that you’re in your cart, you have the option to pay for a RUSH order. RUSH orders will receive a proof within 24 hours of placing your order and be processed as quickly as possible. Once you have selected RUSH (or not), you may click the “Proceed to Checkout” link. This will take you to the final page to input your credit card information and pay for your order. *Note: All design files have an automatic Set-up fee added to each order*

Step 8: Your order is placed! Next, one of our marketing professionals will reach out to you with a proof of your postcard and a count for your FARM within 2-3 business days. Once you get a proof and a count you will work with our team to get the exact postcard and FARM details you are hoping for! Now let’s get ordering!

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