How To: Referral Marketing Autopilot Plan

Step #1: What is a Referral Marketing Plan anyhow? Signing up for this plan allows you to provide value to your clients every month without any last-minute scrambling for you. This helps keep your marketing on track every month and you can focus on what matters most, your business!

Step #2: Now, let’s get signed up! The first thing you will do is fill in the form with your contact details, choose your area (Metro, Boulder, NoCo, Mesa, El Paso), and select all the formats you would like your monthly marketing to come in.

Step #3: Next you will select which marketing pieces you would like for each month for the whole year. Every month has a topical piece that is fun and informative and a market update that reflects the previous month’s stats per county. You are welcome to choose both the topical and market update’s or neither for any month. Some months also include a bonus marketing piece! Add it on or swap it out!

Step #4: Next it’s time to upload your brand! Here is where you can upload your headshot and logo for the marketing team to use on all the pieces you have signed up for. This is also where you can upload your own mailing list for your postcards to be sent to for the year. Need a mailing list pulled? We can do that too! In the section provided, fill in your FARM search criteria and we can charge you for it later. Note: You can update your headshot, logo, or mailing list at any point in time by emailing LT.Digital.

Step #5: Are you co-branding with a partner or lender? This section is where you will fill in all their details and upload their headshot/logo. Note: All lender co-branders will be located on the backside of the postcards, unless asked for otherwise.

Step #6: If you have any special requests or additional notes for us, place them here! After that you are good to click “Submit”. Click “Add to Order – $20” and proceed through the checkout process. *Note: This $20 fee will be deducted from your first order. You have officially signed up for our Autopilot Referral Marketing Plan!


You will receive a confirmation email welcoming you to the program, once you have submitted your sign-up form.

We will send you a proof for your first marketing piece to make sure everything is correct and exactly what you are looking for. Once this piece is approved, your card will be charged and we will finalize the order.

Every month for the cards you select, we will create the cards and either send them to print or send you the final digital files without any action needed on your end. *Note: If you have any changes you want made such as a brokerage change, logo change, etcetera, please email those to us as soon as you have them.

You will receive a reminder email a few days before we create the marketing reminding you that your card is being charged soon and a reminder to send us any changes you may have.

That’s it! Now you can breathe easy knowing your marketing is taken care of automatically each month.

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