Holiday Client Appreciation

With the holidays approaching, your clients are likely starting to focus less on real estate transactions and more on their families and the approaching holidays. This is an optimal time to get out and do some pop-by activities to show your clients how much you appreciate them. Pop-by items are a great way to stay top of mind and get some face time with them.

Pop-by gifts are simple and fun ideas that incorporate catchy one liners with something small such as a pack of gum, hand soap, an apple cider packet, hand sanitizer, baked goods mixes, hot chocolate mix, or a tasty treat, just to name a few. One example is printing little cards that say “I want to espresso how much I appreciate you” and attaching a packet of instant coffee.

Despite pop-by items being small, it is a reminder that you value their business and loyalty. Take some time this holiday season to make the rounds and visit some clients whose business you want to maintain in the future, and maybe even get referrals for new business down the road!

For additional pop-by ideas your Land Title sales reps can be a great resource for fun ideas, seasonal taglines and more!

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